The Zabludowicz Collection in London is curating a terrific selection of cutting edge emerging artist exhibitions that reaffirms its relevance in supporting new artists with a whole program made by commissions, residencies, lectures and special projects. Donna Huanca, an American artist, played with the architecture of a former methodist chapel in her last work. It was a site specific performance and a pervasive installation commissioned by the foundation.

Now, Donna Huancha’ s new body of work confirms her visceral attraction towards skin and its texture in a playful dreamlike scenario.


Donna Huanca, Scar Cymbals, Commissioned by Zabludowicz Collection.

The exhibition is a game of tension between powerful forces: organic and inorganic, attraction and repulsion, familiarity and unfamiliarity. There are a combination of sculptural installations, site specific architectures, music, canvases and performers within the space that project a visionary world to the visitor.

Models walk gently across their paths looking like beautiful tropical lizards. These hybrid beings are the canvases. They are wearing layers of nylon socks of different colors that covers their skin and alter the geography of these bodies. There are holes and slits in these socks that reveal the surface of the skin under creating another layer of texture.

Donna Huanca

Donna Huanca, MELANOCYTES/ETHERIC LAYER, 2016, performance view. Commissioned by Zabludowicz Collection. Photo: Fiammetta De Michele


There is an embodiment of a canvas that is abstract, living and delicate. They are in pastel colors and rich in their material composition.They move within the space and are driven by an electronic frequency that permeates that space. They look sort of like ephemereal creatures from a new world as they walk. There is a look distance and absence almost like a tribe engaging in a ritual of their own.

Everytime they interact with the transparent materials that are spread in the space, like the glass chapel installation, they  leave flakes of color similar to slimy creatures The glass that composes the chapel is a relic of Momentum. It not only acts as a reminder to the impermanence of life and the passage of time, but also to internal and external mutations from our daily life. In the other parts of the show, the visitor will notice an igloo made from layers of latex, textiles with a use of mixed media to depict a macro image of skin and color. These compositions are made from an compilation of different materials such as rubber, fake hair and leather that look imitate humans.

The art world is curious and looking forward to see Huanca  evolution.The exhibition is on view from 29 September to 18 December 2016. The exhibition is curated by Maitreyi Maheshwari, Programme Director, Zabludowicz Collection.

text and photos by Fiammetta De Michele.


Donna Huanca, SENSORY NEURON/CELESTIAL LAYER (Foot Sensory), 2016, performance view. Commissioned by Zabludowicz Collection. Photo: Fiammetta De Michele



Donna Huanca, SWEAT DUCT/MENTAL LAYER, 2016. Commissioned by Zabludowicz Collection. Photo: Fiammetta De Michele

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