I met Masbedo in 2008 during a dinner in Basel, for the Art Basel fair in which they were showing. We were chatting in an Indian restaurant while one of them, Nicolò, explained about a frame in a video: a very well dressed guy was in the sea with a glass in his hand. He was trying to empty the sea, and keep going back and forth from it. I smiled. I knew that video, Togliendo tempesta al mare, and I loved it. They were the Masbedo (Nicolò Massazza | Milan, Italy, 1973 and  Jacopo Bedogni | Sarzana, Italy, 1970) two Italian video artists really between the deep meaningful word of cinema and video art. Their work moves from Italy to Island, from collaboration with great authors, musicians and writers, to public art by making their video and their approach live, compare themselves with the public. Their fantastic videos became something that the public could live in person, by live performances. So theatre, cinema, art tout court, important art prizes, music, important cities … all these is Masbedo world. A world that Dogma had the possibility to see in person in their very Berlin-style studio in Milano, full of pictures, fragments, souvenirs and their mascot, Igor, a beautiful stuffed fox .. enjoy our tour also  by some pics!

Rossella Farinotti
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