Venus over Miami

Pistonhead Show’s vernissage was a synthesis and apotheosis of Miami Art Basel’s delirium. The crowd was colorful, to say the least. Playboy bunnies were arm in arm with the trendiest artists, jet setters were covered in crocodile from head to toe, and the daughters of Russian oligarchs were squeezed into the tiniest leather dresses. Orange Möet and Chandon bottles were scattered everywhere. By the time the show was over, artist’s cars and brand new 1.5 million Ferrari were ready to rock and roll to the next location.
If you put all these eccentric ingredients together and mix them with the palm trees and the glitz of Miami, you will have Pistonhead. The location is stunning. It’s the last floor of a parking building designed by the architects Herzog and Meuron at 1111 Lincoln road.

The building hosted a drive-in art store by the Parisian multiband Colette. It hosted an automobile show on the lst floor.  Pistonhead is hosted by Adam Lindermann, the owner of Venus Over Manhattan, an edgy and uber-cool gallery of NYC.
Adam Lindermann always creates a buzz during Miami Basel, but this year he definitely hit the target and spawned a momentum that will be hard to beat. His show is one of the most exciting and well curated. He mixes installations by sacred masters of art like Cesar to the less known artists exhibited in the Bruce High Quality Foundation collective.

The show highlights artists from different movements from the ultra figurative artists like Kenny Scharf to the minimalist artists like Richard Prince. He even hosts maniacally detailed artists like Tom Sachs and big mess artists like Dan Colen and Nate Lowman.
Text & Pics, Fiammetta De Michele

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