A visit at the  Zabludowic Collection in London during Camden galleries night in occasion of Frieze .The show exhibited is Andrea Holden and his fellows, the MIMS! Maximum Irony! Maximum Sincerity.
Poju and Anita Zabludowicz, a powerful art couple.Their collection is spread out between London and New York.
In this couple, Lady Zabludowicz  stands under the light spot, not only to be powerful but also to be a social butterfly.
She’s so glamorous,I have a friend who believes he spots her at every social party and he always informs me of her presence, he gets all shaken as if seized by a heavenly apparition.
Lady Zabludowicz is so glamorous that just the name or the idea of her presence would jolt my friend. In fact, I’m pretty sure that half of the times he sees her it is just his imagination.
Besides, many of these situations are dramatically champagne breakfast, champagne brunch, champagne cocktail and, obviously, parties helped by some Vodka sponsor, so you can’t blame a little bit of blurred vision.
Lady Z. is very cool in any case, on the website of the collection/foundation she is curates her blog.
Just a small quotation from last updates: “The parties around Frieze were in full flow and fabulous, no pictures, I’m afraid, just memories and one big hangover.”
I have wanted to see the collection ever since, and the occasion finally occurred during Frieze London.
The evening was called Camden Galleries Night. During this night, all the galleries of the neighbourhood have a late vernissage to spoil Frieze’s crowd.
My London- based friend couldn’t really understand the reason of my excitement, she’s a little bit snobbish and wasn’t really happy to be in Camden.
She also couldn’t really understand why such a cool collector would have chosen that location as a base.
The neighbourhood of Camden, in fact, is more popular for its Amy Winehouse-looking crowd, a huge similarity to Bangkok Kao San Road market, jazz bands, pots, scratchy hairdressers and Chinese food for 5 pounds.
Basically a paradise for young people who are escaping from home.
On the way to the collector’s space, I found myself elaborating theories on how heart- grounded and people-oriented were all the collectors.
Walking through the dark road, that night, we saw the space illuminated by a light that looked supernatural to us.
In the building itself, all the reasons of the location choice are revealed.??It’s a classical temple looking like a building!?Needless to say, I was speechless.?I’ve heard about ego monument, but this.. this was really beyond!?I was amused.
I always refer to Art temples, what could better explain it?

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